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Free desktop wallpapers are one of the most popular type of screensavers that people want for their computer monitors. It all started once the Internet became popular and people started using the web more and more frequently. Desktop monitors stayed on all the time and soon the images that were constantly up on screens would remain when the screen was turned off causing “burn in.” So screensaver companies came into being to solve this problem and then free screensaver companies like Popular Screensavers flourished.

Needless to say, the desire for free screensaver downloads became quite a cool thing, allowing people to display their personalities on their screens for free. As you can imagine, the popularity of free screensavers continues to grow. A few examples of popular computer themes and wallpapers that fall in the category of free screensavers include aquarium screensavers and men screen savers, while other popular screensavers include free animated wallpapers, ocean wallpapers, babes wallpapers, and of course sports screensavers.

Holiday themes are quite popular, too. Valentines wallpaper images are a fun version of pc wallpapers that many express themselves with in February. Other holiday themed screensavers that computer users enjoy include Mothers Day screensavers, Father’s Day screensavers, Halloween screensavers, Thanksgiving screensavers, Christmas screensavers, Easter screensavers, as well as 4th of July Screensavers and Memorial Day screensavers.

Computer themes that jump out from the screen like free 3d animated screensavers are a big hit just as free animated wallpapers continue to be cool. Pets screensavers, in particular cat wallpapers and screensavers, fish screensavers and cute butterfly screensavers are favorites. And speaking of cute, puppies and kittens screensavers and wallpapers are incredibly popular.

With space travel consistently in the news, you can let space screensavers take you away to fantastic worlds that express the beauty of the cosmos. And guess what? Here at Popular Screensavers it’s a free screensaver download! That’s right! A free screensaver download! Free!

So get screensavers that are beautiful and fun. Just download free wallpapers and free screensavers and be taken away to another place right from your desktop. It’s fast and easy, and oh, did we mention? No registration required! Awesome!